The Best Management & Leadership Blogs

leadershipWhether you are managing one property or twenty, chances are you find yourself managing a team.  Is there anything harder than managing the personalities, wants and needs of your team?  The good news is that there are so many great example of good leaders and good managers to learn from.  Start today by bookmarking these 5 blogs and visiting them often.


Top 5 Management and Leadership Blogs


John Maxwell – Although this blog is not being updated on a regular basis we have found there is plenty of existing material to keep you busy for a long time to come.  John Maxwell is one of the best coaches in the leadership business.  In this blog you will find a plethora of informative posts to help you lead your team with insight into how you can live a happier life along the way.


The Chief Happiness Officer When we first heard of this blog we were skeptical.  Most of the property managers we know don’t have the space, time or money to create a Google-like environment for their employees. But Alexander Kjerulf’s blog is an honest look at how to keep your employees happy without spending an arm and a leg in the process. In fact, one of our favorite of his posts is about how ping pong table will not make your team happy.


Penelope Trunk Penelope Trunk is more storyteller than blogger but that’s what makes her stand out from the crowd.  Having started 4 start-ups, this is a woman in the know.  Her writing skill makes her posts on life, career and leadership lessons easy to read and more importantly, interesting.  We find ourselves going from post to the next before we realize what’s happened.


Big is the New SmallScott Williams CEO of NxLevel Solutions is another blogger who is more storyteller than blogger.  His blog on leadership uses everything from sports to religion to help his readers find concepts and solutions for their team.


Ed BatistaEd Batista spends his day coaching executives.  His blog brings together his knowledge in leading people, creating teams and growing a business.  While many of his posts are indepth to the point of needing several reads to get down to the nitty gritty, others are so spot on we had to include him in this list.


What blogs do you read on a weekly basis?