Assigned equipment and manpower are matched with specific properties in most cases. This approach enables us to start service on each property as soon as the snow falls and to remain there until the snow stops, surfaces are cleared, and ice is melted. Our field operations are designed to support this team system, with back-up equipment built into the design for each team. We offer the most reliable snow removal, ice removal and ice management services near Washington DC.

Environmentally sound methods for de-icing and snow plowing are used by SnowMovers, but never at the expense of safety. We have experience using ice prevention liquids and pre-wetting methods to reduce the need for environmentally unfriendly chlorides. We also minimize the use of ice melting chlorides through personnel training, proper equipment maintenance, and better monitoring techniques of surface temperatures.

SnowMovers customers can count on:

  • A single point of contact
  • A committed account team
  • Detailed invoicing
  • Risk management documentation

SnowMovers winter maintenance services include:

  • Snow clearing
  • Snow removal
  • Ice bonding prevention
  • Liquid and granular ice melting
  • Freeze thaw ice patrol