The Best Property Managers Share These Traits

property managersYou have probably seen the shirts, “The World’s Okayest Guitar Player” or “The World’s Okayest Dad.”  They seem to be everywhere right now.  There is no doubt they are funny.  But in our real lives do we ever really strive to be just okay?  Probably not.


Instead, we strive to be our best.  As property managers being the best isn’t easy.  Property management is an industry filled with people who are competing for a small piece of the property pie, people who know that anything they do or say can be the deciding factor between a tenant signing on the dotted line or not.


What can you do today to be among the top property managers?


As it turns out there is a consensus as to who makes the best property managers.


Growth Mindset


Not surprisingly the best property managers are always growing.  They are looking for ways to improve, learning new ways to help their tenants but also considering new ways to grow the business.  The best property managers have a growth mindset.  They never accept that right here, right now is where growth ends.  No matter how many goals they hit, they are always setting new ones and striving to meet them.


Ego Doesn’t Get in Their Way


Although the best property managers are looking to create more business they don’t do this by forgetting about the tenants they are currently serving.  They understand that by giving their best to their current tenants they are more likely to watch their business grow organically.  They have the a “givers gain” mindset.  When they help others, they know it will come back to them.




Great property managers, like great leaders know that success does not come overnight.  They are willing to implement a plan and follow through with it.  They are willing to adjust these plans accordingly and wait for the results.  They trust that the plans they have set out with their teams will come to fruition and if they don’t, they trust their team to help them find a solution.


There is a time and a place for being okay.  Being okay at a hobby or pastime is something most of us are willing to accept but in real life, in our work lives, we are all striving for more.


What are you doing today to meet your goals for the future?